All Creatures Great and Small

2022 - 2024

Created in the manner of digital hand-drawn cel animation, with Krita. Commissioned by GIPHY.

3D Things

2019 - 2024

Mostly made with Blender.

Creature Cycles


A traditionally animated run cycle, made entirely analog, using layers of hand painted cels. The line work was done with a china marker and the colors with acrylic paint.

A multi-legged "walk" cycle that incorporates parallax.


At an Endless Sea


A man on a ship navigates daily life. Techniques used include rotoscoping and cel animation. Created with Photoshop and EbSynth.

The Enigma of a Day

2021 - 2024

Inspiration drawn from Giorgio de Chirico. Experimental techniques used include paper animation, claymation, pixelation, and AI assisted rotoscoping. Additional art, acting, and sounds by Lisa Jungmin Lee.

Computer Games in the Afternoon


Techniques used include stop frame animation and cel animation. Created with plaster, Procreate, Final Cut Pro, and a CRT television.

In Progress Animation

2021 - Present

Memories of a King

Daily Animation


A collection of small moving things made with Procreate during COVID.

Drawings, Prints, and Paintings

2017 - 2024

Live-action Short Films

2010 - 2022

I started out on my filmmaking journey in 2006, having finally acquired my own video camcorder.

In 2016 I began to realize that for the most part, animation was the only way to realize my fantastical stories.

My last live-action film, All is Well, was started in 2016 and finally completed in 2022.